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How to prepare for an engagement shoot?

So you have scheduled an engagement shoot, the date keeps getting closer and you start wondering if there is something you should do to make sure you have absolutely great pictures. As a matter of fact, there is a lot! What many of couples do not realize, is how much of an impact they can […]

What is the difference between a Pretty Girl and a Model?

So now that the media world has become much more public, I find that there are a lot of girls who say they want to become professional models. We’ve watched reality shows where modeling profession has been showcased, images of catwalks are in every magazine describing new season’s trends, and it really brings the possibility […]

Posing Techniques for Models

One of the things I find people have misconceptions about is modeling itself. A lot of newbie models are surprised what they go through after a shoot. The following day almost every single muscle of your body hurts because often times a photographer asked you to hold a pose for a long period of time […]

Ohio Modeling Agencies

Many newbie models keep asking me what their next step should be if they want to try the real modeling word. My answer is – get with an agency, go to a casting call, see what it is like and get a reality check, so you do not base your decision on your assumptions. Below […]

Cleveland Ohio Model Agency Portfolio

I get asked a lot wether I work with newbie models or only seasoned professionals, and the answer is – I work with both. It takes a somewhat different approach and a lot of encouragement and directing, when you are working with a newbie, but often times you end up with really amazing results. And, […]