Cleveland Fashion Photographer – Ophelia’s Story

by pazza

There are some fictional characters who puzzle me, who I would like to explore more and whose intuitive nature sometimes comes out in my shoots. Ophelia, a character from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, goes mad. Some critics have attributed this to the grief for the loss of her father, others speak of the riddle that Hamlet posed for her when they were together. One of the scenes that is omitted from the play is when Ophelia goes to the field to collect flowers and it is at this time that the fragility of her being is broken by to the strong emotions she is experiencing. One of the herbs she collects is rue, it is well-known for its symbolic meaning of regret. I used strong yellow and pink colors to accentuate the emotional charge of the moment. The last photograph is the transcendence of Ophelia when she drowns in the brook.

Photographer: Pazza Photography
Model: Elizabeth
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