Cleveland Fashion Photography: Model Photoshoot Kit

by pazza

A lot of things can happen during a photoshoot – clothes may rip, make-up artist may run out of supplies, photographer may want to try a concept you did not expect to shoot. Yet, a model should always be ready. Today we will talk about what a model should always bring with her to a photoshoot.

In her photoshoot kit a model should have:
– Safety pins
– Binder pins
– Needle with black and white threads
– Set of black and white underwear
– Silicone bra
– Hair pins
– Make-up foundation that matches your skin tone
– Hairspray
– Chapstick
– Johnson’s Baby Oil
– Clear nail polish
– Bottle of water
– Granola bar


What other items have you found essential to have during photoshoots?


model portfolio by pazza photography

Photographer: Pazza Photography
Model: Ali
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