Cleveland Ohio Model Agency Portfolio

by pazza

I get asked a lot wether I work with newbie models or only seasoned professionals, and the answer is – I work with both. It takes a somewhat different approach and a lot of encouragement and directing, when you are working with a newbie, but often times you end up with really amazing results. And, of course, there’s nothing better than a successful first photoshoot for a model to believe in herself.
This was Aimee’s first professional shoot, and we were working on a book for her. There is a huge difference between a personal photoshoot and one you will be taking to a modeling agency. A personal photoshoot is much more emotional, it’s driven by the subject’s psyche and photographer’s effort to portray it, whereas a shoot for a modeling agency has to include a number of marketable scenarios and portray you as a versatile model. In essence, you have to convince the representative of a modeling agency that you can play a range of characters and both your emotions and looks are morphable.
Here is what we got with Aimee –

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Photographer: Pazza Photography
Hair Stylist/Make-up Artist: Leigh Heasley
Model: Aimee

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